Le Bonnet – a nice place let down by a militant picnic prejudice (a review) – Jon Aspinox Writes

Le Bonnet – a nice place let down by a militant picnic prejudice (a review)

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Overall score: 2/5


This bar has a wonderful location, situated right next to the slopes. Upon ordering food, you are presented with a little glowing disc that does a fine rendition of a smoke alarm when your food is ready. As our visit progressed, however, it became increasingly apparent that this system is designed not for the sake of convenience, but to free the staff up for a much more important job – scouting around to find people who are eating their own, filthy, unbought food.


Our party of 9 bought 9 beers, 3 burgers, and 3 portions of chips – somewhere in excess of 90 Euros. Thinking that this display of largesse made us safe, I unwrapped my carefully constructed baguette from the morning (also carefully crushed after an exciting fall on a red run further up the mountain). No sooner had my hand made its way through the delicate clingfilm layer to touch the crusty bread than a well-meaning waiter appeared to inform us of “how it works.”


How it works, apparently, is that to enjoy my own sandwich, I needed to head off the outdoor decking on which we were sat. I didn’t dare take my beer, lest I forfeited my 1 Euro cup deposit, with the result that I enjoyed my sandwich standing ten paces from the rest of my friends, and my beer. Ironically, due to the layout of the place I was now far nearer the bar than where I had been sat, and therefore a much more obvious advert for the benefits of buying your own food.


I understand that if we were all to come and use the wonderful decking purely as a picnic stop that would be rude and deprive the restaurant of seating (of which I do feel compelled to say there was plenty available when we visited). As paying customers, however, the rather strict adherence to the rules was irksome. Especially since this place prides itself on an ‘after ski party,’ which my naïve brain can only imagine contains far more unauthorised substances than my lowly baguette. I hope that for the sake of fairness they make everyone do their drugs off the decking.


Despite this, the burgers and the chips were indeed nice. However, due to the difficulties that homemade sandwiches engendered, we will not likely return. Indeed, on our way out we saw the waiter berate a child for bringing their own – wait for it – water. The cheek of it!

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