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Harry Potter home learning resources

In this blog you will find resources to help you do some home-learning with the wonderfully bewitching theme of Harry Potter. These activities are designed to be easy to resource, fun (hopefully!) and best of all, to provide some solid educational value in line with what your children should be learning at school. I’ve also tried where possible to make them something families can do together. On many resources I’ve marked what different aged children can do or discuss but it would also be wonderful for older children to help younger siblings or for everyone to work together, dipping into the different age sections, giving younger children more support.


To make it a fun day (or week depending on how much you want to do!) I heartily recommend dressing up and decorating the house to really get into the spirit. And if you haven’t already, start with a trip to wizardingworld.com to get sorted into your house and find out your patronus. As well as the educational resources I’ve made, you may also want to have a go at this brilliant Harry Potter virtual escape room.

I’d love to know what you think of these resources, and if you’ve had any great ideas of your own – if you have, share them in the comments section!

This blog was written by Georgia, follow her on Instagram georgiaprimaryteacher for updates on more learning packs and blogs!

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  1. This is fantastic and will definitely be doing these to lighten up my little boys school work. Thanks

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