PointFuse gets effortless case studies despite a complex niche – Jon Aspinox Writes
Client: PointFuse

The Challenge

It’s hard to find writers for complex niches. They either don’t get the technical detail right, or they get the technical detail but can’t write something that a human being would want to read. That was the challenge faced by Sarah, PointFuse’s Marketing Manager, as she tried to get PointFuse’s content marketing efforts off the ground. A particular pain point was case studies – they took a lot of effort to create, and none of the external copywriters she had tried seemed to be making things any easier.

The Solution

Sarah and I had worked together on projects in the past, so she invited me to grapple with PointFuse’s technical proposition and produce some case studies. I’m pleased to say that my ability to quickly grasp the subject matter meant I was soon churning out copy that delighted both the technical experts in the business and Sarah in Marketing. Being present on customer calls also reduced the workload for PointFuse, and gave me all the insights I needed to put together awesome case studies.

The Feedback

“There was a great deal of positivity around your work – so well done – you are doing brilliantly. So good to hear.”

Sarah, Marketing Manager, PointFuse