Consistently quality blogging frees up marketing – Jon Aspinox Writes
Client: OXTS

The Challenge

OxTS has a small but ambitious marketing team, that handles everything from web content to product launches to running events. With a packed calendar and a lot of big-ticket items requiring attention, it was getting difficult to regularly produce high-quality and fresh content for the website. 

The Solution

My no-nonsense and marketing-focused approach to blogging has helped OxTS get the content they need without taking up all of their time. I’ve prioritised getting to know their business and making connections across the business, so the marketing team doesn’t have to be my only source of information. I can talk to their engineers and salespeople as needed to get content created – so all they have to do is brief me, sign off the content I write, and upload it to the website. I even write social posts for each blog, ready for them to plug into their social scheduling tools.

The Feedback

“All of the blogs are great”

Geoff, Product Marketing Executive, OxTS