Claranet keeps quality case studies coming with compelling copy – Jon Aspinox Writes

Claranet keeps quality case studies coming through compelling copywriting

Client: Claranet

The Challenge

Small marketing teams are often saddled with the same expectations as their larger counterparts in other organisations – and the marketing team at Claranet was no exception. Despite a small marketing team, the business still needed content and case studies produced at pace. If case studies were delayed, Claranet risked having their customers lose interest in telling their stories, which would mean losing a valuable asset for the website and the sales team.

The Solution

Luckily for Claranet, I’ve worked with them for a long time and have written a large number of case studies for them over the years. I work as an extension of the team, and am trusted to get case studies done with minimal input from the business. One call with Claranet’s technical experts, a few presentations, and no actual conversation with the client is quite often all I have to go on. Thankfully, it’s all I need.

As a result, Claranet gets shiny new case studies for its website and for use in sales conversations – and the marketing team gets that little bit more breathing room to address the multitude of other matters that need their attention.