Research report generates 300 downloads thanks to compelling copywriting – Jon Aspinox Writes
Client: Autino (Now BP)

The Challenge

It’s one thing to say “I’m going to create a kick-ass research report and establish my brand as a thought leader in our space.” It’s another thing to turn three spreadsheets of data into the finished article. This was the challenge Autino’s marketing team was up against. With limited resource and a lot of demands on their time, Autino’s marketing department needed someone who could take the data they’d gathered and turn it into something great.

The Solution

I got straight to work looking through the data and some brief summaries from the marketing team, using those to create a rough outline of our message and the key data points that supported it. I put some special effort into going down into the data further than the base stats, to try and uncover some insights beyond “X% of people said Y” which really helped to elevate the report.

Writing the report itself was a very methodical process, with rolling approvals of each section helping us get the copy approved faster. I also brought in a graphic designer I knew and trusted to lay out the copy so that it looked as good as it read, and handled all the project management that entailed for my customer.

Alongside the report, I created various assets to help promote it. That included a social media campaign including video content, email campaigns, and sales enablement kits that enables the Autino sales team to use the report to start conversations with prospects.

The Feedback


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