Insightful thought leadership created with minimal input from the business – Jon Aspinox Writes
Client: ActiveOps

The Challenge

Since 2020, ActiveOps has been in need of blog content that’s fresh and insightful. In more recent months, that blog content has also needed to reflect ActiveOps’ changing brand as they evolve. That process has the internal team totally maxed out, so it’s been vital that blog content is created without taking hours of the marketing team’s time.

The Solution

I’ve been blogging for ActiveOps for a long time now, and that means I’m very familiar with their products, their philosophy, and their target audience. I use all that experience to take any blog brief and work it up into a published piece of content which doesn’t require much in the way of changes. 

Often ActiveOps’ marketing team can simply give me the brief and the name of a subject matter expert to interview, and I can take it from there, quickly getting to the heart of the issue and crafting compelling content (including meta data and social media posts) that they can simply take and publish, keeping the wheels of the marketing engine turning while they focus on the big picture.

The Feedback

“Creating fresh content for a niche B2B tech audience can be tricky at times, but working with Jonathan on any project is a breeze. Jonathan is more than a writer – he is an extension of our team, handling the entire writing process with care to create high-quality content that generates engagement including blogs, case studies, social and reports.”

Helen, Marketing Director, ActiveOps