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  • I often write short stories in the run up to Christmas, adding a new chapter each day with the starting line inspired by my advent calendar. This year, I’m asking my friends, family and network to vote on what each day’s chapter should start with – and adding each new chapter here for everyone to […]

  • Our little girl is now 17 months old (I think? To be honest, I’ve been fuzzy on it ever since we switched from counting in weeks to counting in months). In that time, there have been many milestones to celebrate – her first birthday, her first steps, her first attempts at words. There have also […]

  • I am the man who misses things when travelling. I am the man who has to leave the day before the music festival, and who arrives the week after the basketball festival. I was at the other end of town in Halifax when the Seaking Helicopters did a flyover for their 50th Anniversary celebrations, and […]

  • Do you ever find that your Word Document just doesn’t look quite right, no matter what you try? If so, you’re not alone. Despite its ease of use, one of the most common tasks I was asked to help with when I worked client-side was helping people sort out recalcitrant Word Documents. Some common complaints: […]

  • I know, I know, it’s another bloody Coronavirus article. Sorry. But I do think it’s an important discussion to have. As B2B marketers, we are often taught to capitalise on live events – it adds immediacy to the brand, it helps you reach more prospects, it makes you look like your company is an active […]

  • Covid-19, Coronavirus, Corona – whatever you want to call it, this pandemic is unlike anything any of us can remember. And businesses up and down the country are responding by enabling their people to work from home, to reduce the risk of the virus spreading. Your LinkedIn feed is likely already humming with people talking […]

  • This was a piece I guest-wrote for Couchsurfing.org‘s Tumblr, during my trip round the Americas in the summer of 2013. I hope you enjoy it! I didn’t leave the United Kingdom with the intention of changing my life. I didn’t dream of VW Campervans or vintage-effect photos on Instagram. I don’t even really like the […]