Testimonials – Jon Aspinox Writes


What do my clients say?

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Alex, Marketing Manager, Original Software

“Jon took on rewriting our entire website from the ground up, all without the benefit of a design and working off wireframes alongside our web design agency. This was all produced on time, on budget, and with his customary smile despite the odd hiccup you get with major projects like these. I’d strongly recommend you use Jon if you need first-class B2B content that stands out from your competition.”

Helen, Marketing Director, ActiveOps

“Creating fresh content for a niche B2B tech audience can be tricky at times, but working with Jonathan on any project is a breeze. Jonathan is more than a writer – he is an extension of our team, handling the entire writing process with care to create high-quality content that generates engagement including blogs, case studies, social and reports.”

Sarah, Marketing Manager, PointFuse

“There was a great deal of positivity around your work – so well done – you are doing brilliantly. So good to hear.”

Alex, Marketing Manager, Original Software

“Jon has a great ability to convert technical and complex software messaging into tangible value and benefits for customers – who may not be overly technical themselves. His creative, human and humorous work sets us, and him, apart from the rest of the boring content you read in the B2B world – and more often than not, his work is approved in minutes with no need for amends, making my life much easier.”

Tom, Marketing Manager, Risk Ledger

“I really enjoyed working with Jon. His greatest strength is his ability to really get into the nitty gritty of the content and ask the right questions to the right people. This approach means that the quality of content that Jon comes out with is very high.”

Nicki, Marketing Manager, Veesus

“Thanks so much for your excellent work on this.”

Danny, Construction Tech Sales Lead, Claranet

“Looks so excellent”

Geoff, Product Marketing Executive, OxTS

“All of the blogs are great”