Mind-bogglingly technical thought leadership campaign delivered with no fuss – Jon Aspinox Writes
Client: OxTS

The Challenge

OxTS has some of the best inertial navigation tech on the market – and they’ve got their sights set on a new market. They want to target start-ups building their own autonomous platforms (think self-driving combine harvesters, mining trucks, and industrial lawnmowers), who might be trying to do the project themselves – but haven’t got OxTS’ 20-years of experience.

The problem for OxTS, though, was: how do you communicate 20 years of experience building inertial technology in a way that’s readable, and that feels constructive, while also encouraging the client to use an OxTS inertial navigation system instead?

The Solution

I created for OxTS create a series of articles, each focusing on a specific element of building an autonomous vehicle. To get there, I first held a planning session with OxTS Marketing and some of their autonomy experts, building a list of topics we might want to write about. After that, we set up weekly calls (which are still ongoing) where I interview the experts about one of the topics, and then go away and write the article. Each week we tackle a new topic, and we’ve produced six articles in our first two months.

The calls cover a whole range of topics, from the ins and outs of inertial navigation theory to the commercial applications of autonomy, and each call usually throws up another topic or two for us to write about – ensuring a steady stream of content.

The Feedback

“I’ve quickly read that article and it looks spot on to me – I like the cloth and balloon example, I must say.”

Llyr, Senior Software Engineer, OxTS