Incredible copy for award-winning website contributes to 88% jump in inbound leads – Jon Aspinox Writes

Incredible copy for award-winning website contributes to 88% jump in inbound leads

Client: Original Software 

The Challenge

Marketers often have big dreams for their brands – so on those rare occasions when you actually get to live one of those dreams, you need to sieze it with both hands. Alex at Original Software was presented with a rare opportunity to update the company’s brand, and after a thorough research process they arrived at a brand idenity. It looks awesome, and it demonstrably differentiates Original Software from its competitors. The first major outing for the new brand was on the website, which was long overdue a refresh. But the team didn’t have the time or the skills in-house to bring the brand to life in words.

The Solution

I was asked to write copy for the website refresh. That meant:

  • Absorbing the new brand and translating that into a tone of voice.
  • Working out what content was salvageable from the old website and where it would fit in the new structure.
  • Working closely with the wonderful team at Fhoke, who created the page templates, to make sure each page worked from a copy and a visual perspective.
  • Integrating keywords into each page so they performed as good as they looked and read.

  • This is just the kind of project I LOVE. It’s great to get a chance to really get to know someone’s proposition and their product set, and to help them think logically about it. That approach actually led us to change the sitemap a little bit as I helped Original Software consider their portfolio from their audience’s perspective.

    The website went live after a lot of love and care, and I think it looks (and reads) awesome. It’s punchy, it’s to the point, and it’s so different from anyone else in Original Software’s space that it’s impossible to miss them. Best of all, with the new website at the heart of Original Software’s marketing campaigns Alex has seen a 30% increase in organic traffic and a stunning 88% increase in inbound leads. The website even won a CSS Design Special Kudos Award.

    The Feedback

    “Jon took on rewriting our entire website from the ground up, all without the benefit of a design and working off wireframes alongside our web design agency. This was all produced on time, on budget, and with his customary smile despite the odd hiccup you get with major projects like these. I’d strongly recommend you use Jon if you need first-class B2B content that stands out from your competition.”

    Alex, Head of Marketing, Original Software


    increase in inbound leads



    increase in organic traffic