Monthly blogging provides punctual – and punchy – content – Jon Aspinox Writes

Monthly blogging provides punctual - and punchy - content

Client: Original Software

The Challenge

The marketing team at Original Software isn’t huge. It’s Alex and Sue, and Sue happens to wear about seven other hats in the business. They do a great job, but bandwidth is a challenge – especially when it comes to keeping a stream of fresh content going up onto the website.

The Solution

Alex asked me to provide regular blogging services for Original Software, based on briefs he’d be writing. Because I was very quick to understand their proposition, products and audience, those briefs are often VERY brief. Alex knows that I will go and politely ask one of the business’ technical experts for more information if needed – I’m almost completely self-sustaining.

The Feedback

“Jon has a great ability to convert technical and complex software messaging into tangible value and benefits for customers – who may not be overly technical themselves. His creative, human and humorous work sets us, and him, apart from the rest of the boring content you read in the B2B world – and more often than not, his work is approved in minutes with no need for amends, making my life much easier.”

Alex, Head of Marketing, Original Software