Article series: Digital transformation across the RIBA: plan of work – Jon Aspinox Writes
Client: Claranet

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The Challenge

Claranet wanted to target the construction sector, and needed some heavyweight content to spearhead their efforts. The goal was to create a vision of what might be possible in construction if a firm invested in the right technology, from the conception of a project through to the handover and building maintenance. They had an expert who knew what we needed to say – but he had his actual job to do, rather than helping the marketing team get this content created.

The Solution

I was asked to talk to Claranet’s expert and get the thoughts in their brain on to the page. My experience in construction tech, combined with some incisive questions, meant that in just a few calls I had all the insight I needed to draft the content. Each article was reviewed in turn, with edits occasionally being made to previous articles in the series as new feedback or insights came to light. All in all, things went smoothly and Claranet got some insightful vision pieces without tying up one of their people for days on end. Result!

The Feedback

“Looks so excellent”

  • Danny, Construction tech sales lead, Claranet