Recession Readiness Report generates major results for ActiveOps – Jon Aspinox Writes

Recession Readiness Report generates major results for ActiveOps

Client: Active Ops

The Challenge

With headlines all over the world talking about recession, ActiveOps had a golden opportunity to create a powerful piece of topical content to start conversations with prospects. To that end, the marketing team commissioned research, generating a wealth of survey data and accompanying commentary from a wide range of industry experts. However, tight timelines – and the fact that the marketing team were new in roles – meant that they needed help getting from that pile of data to a polished piece of content.

The Solution

I was asked to help create the narrative for the report (of which there would be three versions, each for a different graphical area) and to write the report copy itself, working with an external graphic designer. I got straight to work analysing the data, working out which conclusions we could draw – and working out which conclusions we might want to draw but which the data didn’t really support, so we could avoid controversy. I double-checked that our narrative held true across the three datasets for each region, and compiled everything into an outline. Once the outline was approved, we worked on the main copy, taking a rolling approach to approvals so as to get everything done on time. I also drafted some blogs to drive traffic to the report landing pages. The report was launched only five weeks after the data had been gathered, and to date has generated:
  • More than 4,500 views of the landing pages
  • More than 860 downloads, with a healthy conversion rate from download to MQL
  • 359 pieces of PR coverage, bringing ActiveOps’ global share of voice to 10%
  • The Feedback

    Jon played a valuable role in helping us get the narrative for the Recession Readiness Report ironed out – and of course his writing helped turn that narrative into a thought-provoking and highly readable report. I’d recommend Jon to anyone looking for reliable, high-quality copywriting.

    Bhavesh, CMO, ActiveOps





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